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Some couples want the ease of eloping in the mountains maybe with a few friends and family , others want to hike up a mountain with a view and some just like a traditional wedding in a hotel.  Couples will still need to go to an Alberta Registry to get a license but once you have that it's good for 90 days and we can go from there. Links below.


Vital Statistics Main Page:

Vital Statistics: Getting Married:

Marriage Licences:

Finding a Registry Agent:

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For those going abroad to have a wedding but want to be legally married in Alberta first. 

Get your two witnesses a license for a quick legal service.

Starts at $300 in Canmore

Hiking Ceremony

Let's get to a location where your are on a ridge or mountain top. Starts at $700   

Traditional ceremony

You get your family and friends all together in a hotel and I'll be there to officiate your ceremony. Starts at $400 in Canmore

White Structure


With many years of  experience in the mountains working in hotels ,tour guiding, Photography and videography I can advise you on the best options for planning your wedding.

Consulting fees apply starting at $100 per hour

Get a Quote

Contact us to see if we can help you with any of the above services.

We need the date, time  and location you are considering was well as package you would like quoted.

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