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Hiking for a ceremony

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

You and your partner decide to get married in the mountains but decide you really mean you want to hike into a more remote area that there aren't a lot of people. This take some preparation but certainly less than a full blown wedding. Lets talk about the first things you need to do.

The image you see is taken at the Inkpots in Banff Alberta Canada. The hike is easy but it is a hike in about 11.7km out and back so doable for all those that have no issues walking. It can take some folks 2 hour one way to get there and some people less so planning is key.

First plan like your going on a hike for the day rain gear, food, water etc. The think what you want to wear and pack that separately so you have it and can change into on location. Invite only those that you know can make the hike do not invite those that are not in shape and or have any issues. Be prepared that the location you choose may not most likely not have services so be aware and let everyone know to pack their own food water etc.

Plan to get your license in advance and your marriage commissioner Aydin in advance was he will book the day for your ceremony only. Make sure you have two witnesses that are 18 or older.

Cost starts at $700 for his hiking marriage commissioner services. His experience in the mountains and giving you some history on the area, flora and fauna is free! :)

Now get Start planning the location or get Aydin to do that for you!

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