Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  I've never done this before.  How do I get started?

A:  There are some straightforward steps for you to take...

1.  Find an officiant.  2.  Acquire a Marriage Licence within three months of your wedding date.  3.  Arrange for two witnesses.  4.  Meet with your officiant. and the rest of the ceremony process will be determined from there.  

For all the detailed legal information on how this works, visit the Service Alberta Website.  All the questions regarding the process, paperwork and legal requirements related to getting married can be found there.


Q:  You are located in Canmore.  Will you travel outside of the area if needed?

A:  I am located in Canmore and will definitely travel outside of the Canmore area if needed I usually service Kananaskis to Lake Louise and up the Icefields parkway all the way to Cline River for Heli weddings.


Q:  What are your fees?  What do they include?

A:  I have different fees for different areas I do a ceremony please let me know where it is and I can give you the rate.

Q: How many wedding ceremonies do you do in a day?

A: I perform ceremonies according to where each ceremony is and timing it takes to get to the location. So if I am In Canmore where I live I could potentially do 3-4 in a day if spread out . If it's in Lake Louise then I may only do one ceremony that day as the distance to and from Lake Louise can take time and the location is very busy with one way in and out which could delay my departure to the next venue. 


Q:  We only want a simple ceremony.  Can you do that for us?

A:  Absolutely.  Your ceremony can be personalized to your individual tastes.  Legal information regarding this can be located under Ceremonies through Service Alberta and beyond that, we will meet to customize the ceremony to reflect your relationship as you wish.


Q:  Why did you become a Marriage Commissioner?

A:  I've been in the wedding industry for over 28 years in many capacities. By serving as a Marriage Commissioner, I can continue to be of service and be part of a special moment in a couples life.


Q:  Do you perform same-sex marriages? 

A:  Absolutely.  Love is love.   


 Q:  Do you perform religious ceremonies?

A:  By the letter of the law within Alberta, I am able to perform civil marriage ceremonies and not religious marriage ceremonies.  However, if a couple wishes to have a 'religious' component to their ceremony, I would happily facilitate the integration of a friend or family member making such a contribution.

Q: Do you speak French?

A: Yes I grew up in Montreal and do speak French so can incorporate some French into your ceremony.


Q:  Can you perform the ceremony in our home?

A:  Absolutely. Where your ceremony takes place is entirely up to you.  I have done ceremonies in parks, yards, restaurants, homes, gardens, on mountains and beside lakes.  I'm flexible and happy to accommodate couples' wishes.


Q:  Do you perform the ceremonies in remote locations in Alberta.

A:  Absolutely. I live in the mountains because I enjoy nature and secluded locations. If its hike into a location I would be happy to do it . Please let me know the location as the rate varies accordingly.

Q:  Do you have recommendations for venues?

A:  If you wish, I can provide you with my recommendations in terms of my experience with lovely wedding sites once my services have been secured.


Q:  Can you provide different or specialized wedding ceremonies?

A:  Absolutely. Your wedding ceremony is unique to you and working with you, I can customize it to ensure it is just what you had envisioned.  

Q: How do I book the date and time?

A: Full non-refundable payment e transfer to book date and time is required and not booked until then.

Q: Do you hold dates and times?

A: No I do not hold dates and times as there are many requests that come through for my services and only book the date once it's been fully paid. That is why I take full non-refundable payment at the time of booking so that your date and time are secure and I do not take any other bookings for that time.


Q:  How can I get in touch with you to learn more about what you can provide?

A:  That's simple.  Just fill the contact info or phone me at 403-678-0339 and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.  


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